Aviation Fuel

logo_footer_epic   Aviation Technologies is a member of the Epic FBO Network and is a proud retailer of Epic aviation fuels.

We provide full service Jet-A and AVGAS (100LL).  Prist is available upon request (our fuel is not pre-mixed).

Our current retail fuel prices – including all taxes and fees


Fuel Prices 6/23/2015 – 6/29/2015
Jet A – $4.35
AvGas – $5.99
Prist – $0.05

(Prices subject to change without notice)

We accept EPICCARD/UVair/Multiservice/Avcard/VISA/MC/AMEX/Discover/Government Aircard/Cash

Contract fuel is also available. Have your contract fuel provider request a fuel release through EPIC Direct.

We also offer the following:

  • NATA Safety 1st Certified Line Service
  • 8+ Acre General Aviation Ramp
  • 54,000 SF of Heated Hangar Space
  • GPU and Lav Service
  • Belt Loader, Air Stair, and Wheel Chair Lift
  • Type I and IV DeIce
  • Lektro and Jetporter Aircraft Tow Units; Traditional Tugs up to 12,000# Drawbar
  • Ramp Access for Cars, Vans,  Buses
  • Quick Turns
  • U.S. Customs on Field
  • No Curfew